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About REIG

The mission of Real Estate Investors Group (REIG) is to help our clients reach 
their real estate goals by providing unparalleled real estate services.

After years of working successfully for other real estate firms, Yigal Yedidsion formed the Real Estate Investors Group (REIG) as the next phase in his unrelenting pursuit to provide the utmost in a real estate experience.

Whether searching for the perfect home or ideal investment location, REIG’s team of dedicated professionals provide excellence while exemplifying a steadfast commitment in serving our clients with integrity, hard work, creativity and attention to detail. We understand that the most important aspect of real estate is appreciating the particular requirements of each client. And at REIG, your unique needs, desires, and preferences shall be taken into consideration for your custom tailored real estate experience.

In the constant hustle of New York City living, we endeavor to make the process as personal as possible. As you and your needs evolve, we are dedicated to nurturing a long-term relationship through continued responsiveness and personal attention. We realize that you are more than your checklist and that your requirements are not satisfied by square footage and closet space alone. You are your dreams, your future aspirations, your lifestyle, your personality, your very distinct taste.

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Yigal Yedidsion
Real Estate Investors Group