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Client Testimonials

It's our job to ensure the happiness of EVERY client! Here's what a few have to say:

"Working with Brandon has been a fantastic experience. When I started my apartment search, I contacted several realtors and Brandon's enthusiasm, determination and delightful personality made him immediately stand out from the rest. 

Moving to New York City from Syracuse could have been overwhelming, but Brandon's extensive knowledge of the city and current real estate market, along with his willingness to quickly answer my millions of questions made it easy. I am extremely excited to live in the amazing apartment he found me, which exceeded my expectations.

Brandon is someone you can trust, rely on, who will work hard for you and someone I now consider a friend. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a home."

- Jennifer C

"Thanks for getting me this great place. The building and apartment are awesome, I am really enjoying it.  All my friends love the place. Probably the best building and apartment I've ever lived in.

Will soon be throwing a small party on the roof and will send you the invitation.

I'm taking my time settling down, not in a hurry. Was hanging out on the roof yesterday with some friends. The view from up there is awesome.

Thank You for all your help throughout the whole process, right from understanding my needs and budget, to showing me the awesome building & apt, all the way to signing the lease. Also thank you for being available all the time, on the phone as well as for personal meetings. That really helped move things fast.

Thanks again!!
-Iqbal K

Everyone should call Brandon Debok if they need a real estate agent in NY, he is truely the best. I have dealt with many real estate agents over my life time and have never found any agent as caring, honest, efficient and helpful. He is by far the best I have ever dealt with. Thank you Brandon! Can't wait to move in July!!

- Deborah G

I just moved into the new apartment yesterday that Brandon helped me find and couldn't be happier! He was with me every step of the way, and even gave me inside tips to help me with negotiations! :) Brandon is an honest, hard-working broker which is RARE in NYC!

- Robert Y

Point Blank: I am a bit picky, somewhat neurotic about needing to know the status of my searches quite often, and started looking in April for a June 1st move in. Originally, I figured there was no way that I would find an apartment but wanted to see what was out there. I met with Brandon on Sunday, and signed a lease on Tuesday... Brandon has to be, hands down, the best broker I've ever worked with in Manhattan. He's very thoughtful, attentive and detail oriented. He took my sometimes outrageous requests into consideration and really did the leg work to find what i was looking for. If you need an apartment, go to Brandon. Trust me!

- Garrett K

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